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Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank

Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank

Storing Sulphuric acid is a very dangerous & challenging task. It is a highly exothermic acid and in concentrated form when comes in contact with water releases fumes sometimes explodes, when comes in contact with metal it produces highly flammable hydrogen gas, when comes in contact with skin burns it. Hence it is very important to store it safely and cautiously.

Our sulfuric acid storage tank has such a brilliant designing that it can store huge quantities of acid safely and securely. Our storage tanks have high resistance to corrosion, high impact strength, robust construction and leak proof. Our tank’s venting system is just perfect to control the acid fumes. These features of our tanks make our tanks safer and durable.

These tanks are produced using high grade of raw material, sourced from certified vendors and the quality is maintained at every level of production processes. We customize our tanks as per the needs of our clients.We are the leading liquid storage tank exporter in India.

Features of our Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank :

  • High resistance to corrosion
  • High impact strength
  • Spill and leak proof
  • Robust construction
  • Safe storage and durable
  • Very affordable
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