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Plastic Chemical Tank

Plastic Chemical Tank India

Our plastic chemical tanks have ideal design that guarantees safe and convenient storing as well as transporting  of hazardous chemicals like Acids, Alcohols, alkalis, Mineral Oils & Esters. We have innovated Butt Fusion Welding FRP Chemical Storage Tanks. They have curved corner that offer cent percent Leak Proof storage along with durability.

These tanks are resistant to eco-hazardous environments. They are also corrosion as well as chemical resistant. They have low maintenance and hence are cost-effective. We are the leaders in the production of acid storage tank in India.

We offer customized qualitative as well as affordable acid tanks for storing acids and chemicals as per the requirements of our customers. We are the prime acid storage tank supplier in India.

Features of Plastic Chemical Tank :

  • 100% Leak Proof Welding
  • Corrosion proof & chemically resistant
  • Weld-less Bottom Radius
  • Ideal for static storing & applications like mixing and separation of raw material & transportation
  • Low maintenance
  • Very affordable
  • Light weight
  • Safe storage and durable
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